Carol Kirk

Mobile: 0274 302 075

Carol has an enthusiastic and magnetic personality.  This coupled with her extensive knowledge and excellent communication style, means she consistently produces outstanding results. 

With over 20 years of experience within the industry she is able to draw on a wide variety of well researched and proven models and techniques that are relevant and able to be applied by the learner.  Her sense of humour and use of stories ensures her trainees not only grow and develop but enjoy the learning process.  Carol knows what works and how to get the best out of her trainees. 

Carol’s main areas of expertise include Leadership, Supervision, Personal Development, Customer Care and Communication Skills.  She also achieves excellent outcomes in area’s including On-The-Job Training, Train the Trainer, Stress and Time Management Skills.  Carol is professional in her approach and works hard to ensure even complex models are easily understood and made relevant to her clients. 

Carol has a remarkable ability to work effectively with people of all ages, abilities and levels in an organisation.  Her aim is to truly “make a difference” with every individual she works with, and to help them to help themselves to strive to reach their full potential.