Leadership Development

Is about learning a set of skills to bring your people up to their best performance, full throttle instead of mediocrity, and because they want to. It applies to all areas of their responsibility. In business we can pay for their compliance, but we can't buy their commitment.

Customer Service

Getting a score of 7 out of 10 for service to customers is a failure, yet this seems to be typical of many businesses in NZ. This is about learning how to treat your customers so well that they become your biggest allies, they keep coming back and they tell as many people as will listen how good you are.

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring is provided in all training topic areas listed.  We are not “Life Coaches”, but we are very enthusiastic about delivering Coaching and Mentoring that is practical, real, supportive, and outcomes focused.


At total training we are passionate about providing practical, real skills for real people. We live our own promises and we are proud of the diverse nature of our work and clients that include elite sports people, national sporting organisations, large retail businesses, a range of small to medium enterprises, and injury rehabilitation services.  Practicing what we preach is a core philosophy for everyone at Total Training, we walk our talk.  We have a “feet on the ground” approach to everything we do, and we work very hard to translate complex principles and information into tools and ideas that are easily understood and applied; in other words, real.
Theo Feldbrugge, Director Total Training

Some of Our Clients

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